The Foundation of True Motion Golf is the improvement journey that offers everyone who visits a place to learn a simple and repeatable golf swing under the watchful eye of experienced coaches. We are here to help teach you how to score with easy to understand short game & putting approaches that will allow you to shoot the lowest rounds of your life. The principles of True Motion Golf are based on biomechanics and the science of how to safely and efficiently move your body in a repeatable way. Our GOLF ACADEMY is designed to not only build your technique and mechanics slowly over time, but more importantly, we are here to help you get the confidence to where you aren't thinking mechanical thoughts, and you 'play golf' and not 'golf swing'. 



Tim has been working with golfers of all abilities, using a simple yet effective style that gets students results. Tim’s relaxed personality helps him make learning golf fun, which has been a huge asset for Tim’s high level juniors that have gone on to receive scholarships. He believes that everyone can improve their golf game using a straightforward and natural approach that protects the body from injury. Time graduated from the Golf Academy of the South, with a degree in Advanced Teaching and Biomechanics.

Matt is a certified golf geek who worked with Tim to lower his handicap from 24 down to 7 in just two-years. Matt started the game of golf as a college student, where he quickly developed his passion. Matt’s honors thesis, ‘The Golf University’, focused on bringing golf to the masses through a specialized golf training facility. Fast forward 20+ years, and Matt has partnered with Tim to bring a simple and effective golf instruction and training to the #AverageGolfer. 


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