Be like Tiger & Hideki: Vertical THEN Shallow

takeaway May 28, 2020

Watch the video above to learn one reason Tiger Woods and Hideki Matsuyama are two of the most consistent ball strikers on the planet.  You can be like these guys too... 

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What we're going to talk about today is something that I got an email about. Tim, I keep rolling the club inside. Then I end up coming over the top and that's going to lead to a shank. It's going to lead to a slice.

It's probably one of the most common problems that we see. So I'm going to take , two players here. We got Tiger Woods, and then we've got Hideki Matsuyama. Now what I want you to take note of is as these guys take the club back, watch the right hand when the right hand stays on top and you use the right oblique to pull your back to the target and to keep your hands passive.

The club will stay. In front of your hands which will not allow you to roll your hands If we take a look at Hideki Matsuyama, same thing. We see the top of Hideki's right hand, the club stays out in front of him. Now, why is this so important? Well, this is massive in golf. I'm going to say 100% of tour players will always in their backswing, get the club working vertical.

We call this vertical. Then in the downswing, the opposite thing is going to happen. The club will automatically get what we call shalower. This is a trait that every good player has. The club always gets vertical, and then on the down swing, it's always going to get shallow.

Now, why is that important? Well, for all you guys that slice and slice, it isn't fun and we slice because , on the back swing instead of the club being out in front of us, we tend to see the club working more in here, which then makes that shaft instead of vertical here like this. When you roll it, the shaft ends up looking more like this in what we call a flat position, and then unfortunately, on the down swing is going to be an over the top motion, which will then lead to a slice

So here's what we're going to do. simple little drill that I'd love you guys to do, and it looks a little bit something like this. so we're going to take a basic motion now this is easy, and what we're going to do here, this is called pulling your back to the target.

And all you gotta do is stand up tall focus on your right external oblique. Which is right here. And you're going to pull your back to the target keeping your head still, feel nothing on your left side, and just pull. What we're doing is this learning to activate the muscle, that takes the club back. You don't have to use your hands so much, you can just use your obliques. Now from here you're going to put your right hand on top, something like this.

So you take your left hand, you put your left thumb into your right Palm .Then do the exact same thing. use your right oblique and you're going to pull and notice when I do that, my right hand doesn't roll. My right hand stays on top, and it's going to look very similar to our tour player.

We can use Hidecki, same place. So if I had a club in my hand, the club would be out in front of me.

So once again , this is a fun little thing you can do at your house. Just remember, you can get really good at your house. this is just a drill to do to get , rid of your slice.

Start hitting those draws. stay safe. We love y'all, and we'll see you soon.


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