Closed Face at Takeaway for Consistency

face takeaway Jul 03, 2020

Watch the video above to learn how Right Palm Down will give you a more closed face in your Takeaway and ultimately create better contact.  Incorporate these motions into your own swing to be more consistent.  🤜💪

Video Transcript: If you're stuck at work and just want to read, you can either hit play and turn on Closed Captioning, or read below 👇

Today, we're going to talk about the takeaway and just some things that we look for. And we're going to bust a myth here, you know, back in the old days, we probably heard, at halfway back the club parallel to the ground, we want to see the toe up.

Well, I'm here to tell you that's no good. If we want an efficient, repeatable golf swing, we want the least amount of manipulation. So I got Tommy Fleetwood, we got Bryson and DeChambeau. And what I want you to take note of is two distinctly different swings. But as they take the club back, I want you to watch, F eetwood first.

Notice how his right hand is on top. The club fase is not open. We like the club face, halfway back, to match the spine angle. Fleetwood's pretty close here; he's at 53, his club face is at 54. What that means is; as he comes down and as he rotates through the shot, he's not going to have to have a lot of face manipulation coming back to the ball.

His club face is still a little bit closed to the path. So , when he hits the ball, he doesn't have to do anything with his hands. He is golden. He is good to go. He can rotate as hard as he wants. As you can see here, he's rotating pretty hard. Club face is square.

Now let's take a look at Bryson DeChambeau and he's got a very unique swing, right? Look at him as he takes the club back, look at the club face, look at his right hand. He's definitely getting the club a little higher, but his club face is almost matching perfectly to his spine.

And , just like Fleetwood, because he's not doing much with his hands. He doesn't have to hardly do anything with the club face except rotate hard to the ball, and his club face is square. Very, very, very similar and impact .

Both right arms, a little bit bent, which means they used a ton of rotation to get through the shot and they're able to hold those angles through the ball. Don't fall into the trap of, Hey, let's roll the club face open back, because that means I've got to roll the club face, shut to get the club face squared impact.

So hopefully learned a little bit. Don't be afraid to see yo're a little bit closed in the back swing.


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