Start with the Feet 👣

Uncategorized Aug 07, 2020

Watch the video above to learn how there are different models for how to use your feet & hands (release).  We don't try and fit people into ONE WAY.  We help you get your feel and your motion to be more consistent.  🤜💪

Video Transcript: If you're stuck at work and just want to read, you can either hit play and turn on Closed Captioning, or read below 👇

Welcome to True Motion Golf, this is Tim here. Pardon my voice, I apologize I'm losing it today. We're going to talk about downswing; what initiates the downswing? Now I have two players here. An LPG player, and a PGA player. And I speak at nauseum about thi s , and most of my players understand what starts the down swing. Let's bust some myths here. A lot of you guys have read, you know, Golf Digest, you watch YouTube and you'll hear people say, "Hey, fire your hips!". Well, whenever I hear that, I actually want to vomit in my mouth, because that is not at all what happens. Now, let's take the LPGA player. Now, listen, if I just look at this as an amateur, I'd say, "Oh my gosh. yeah, her first move looks like she's spinning her hips". Well, she's not spinning her hips. Her very first move is she's making just a little itty bitty lateral shift into her left foot. And now she makes that lateral shift into her left foot. She actually is pushing her left foot into the ground at his direction. Her right foot, believe it or not is going that direction. So what that does is that creates an enormous amount of rotation. There's a reason why hockey players make great golfers. ..It's because how they use their feet and how they push their feet into the ice is going to determine how hard they can get that puck into the net. Now I've got another guy, Bryson DeChambeau; same thing. I mean, you can literally see the club is still going back and he's starting down. So he's pushing into the ground...that's called vertical forces. And then he's using his, his feet, the exact same way she did, to create that rotation. So today folks, if we want to get really good, learn how to use your feet, learn how to push your feet into the ground. You're going to get more power. You're going to save your hips. So that is today's lesson. Have a good weekend


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