footwork Jul 17, 2020

Watch the video above to learn how there are different models for how to use your feet & hands (release).  We don't try and fit people into ONE WAY.  We help you get your feel and your motion to be more consistent.  🤜💪

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All right, folks. Welcome to true motion golf. Today we're going to talk a little bit about footwork and how there's different styles of footwork. On the left we've got Jordan Spieth and I want you to take a look here, and we're really going to look more up the down swing. Tiger's got a little steeper shoulder plan and the angles a little bit different, cause a little bit more inside. What I want you to take note of the sit down swing. I want you to watch how Spieth gets a lot of rotation, but he's not thinking about firing a sips here folks. He's thinking about really using his feet, how he's pushing into to the ground with his feet is what's determining how his hips move. Now with Spieth he's going to get a lot more rotation than Tiger, but what I want you to take a really, really close look at it; look at his right foot. The right foot comes off the ground, but I want you to take a look at how much hip turn he has at impact; he's wide, wide open.

Then I want you to take a look at Tiger comes down. He's going to have a little bit more passive right foot. His right foot stays down on the ground a little bit longer. Tiger doesn't have the same amount of rotation as he used to as a kid, doesn't turn as much.

See this? So if you look at tiger, we look at Spaeth both great players, but Tiger Woods has a little less hip rotation , shoulders a little bit more closed. So that means Tiger Woods is going to have a more of a hand release. Look at his hands here. See how his hands are rolling over . When old Spieth is going to have more of a, we're going to call this a body move, see how his hands aren't rolling over so much? So he's not releasing the club nearly as hard as tiger does. That's one of the reasons you see Jordan's left little, I don't want to call that a chicken wing, but you see his little left elbow pop out. But the whole moral to this story is they have different foot work , and the foot work would determine what kind of release you have.

So if you have a lot of rotation, that's going to be less hands through the ball. And if you have less rotation with the body, it's going to cause you to have more hand action through the shot. And here at True Motion Golf, we teach both. Have a good weekend.


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