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Uncategorized Jul 09, 2020

Watch the video above to learn how there are different models for how to be consistent.  We don't try and fit people into ONE WAY.  We help you get your feel and your motion to be more consistent.  🤜💪

Video Transcript: If you're stuck at work and just want to read, you can either hit play and turn on Closed Captioning, or read below 👇

Today, we are going to take a look at two tour players and they both have great swings, but one's got a steeper shoulder, plane, and a more square face. The other one's got a flater shoulder plane, and open face. You're going to see how they, square the face coming through the ball.

Aaron Wise. We're going to take him back here. And I want you to take note of great takeaways using his body as he starts getting right here. You can really take a look at his shorter plane. It's very, very steep. Now let's compare that to Billy Horschel. As Horschel takes the club back right at his takeaway you can tell he doesn't have as much lower body rotation.

A little bit flat or shoulder plane, see how much different the shoulder plane looks there? Horschel his club face coming do w n, if we take a really good look here; the club face is a little bit more open. So then he has to use his hands a little bit. He has what we call a nice little hip stall when his hip stall, the hands release.

That's why he's got a really hard release. And we take a look at Mr. Wise, over here; what's really unique about him is his club face is a little bit more square, or it might look shut to you guys See that it's a little bit more shut coming in. So therefore he doesn't have to do anything with his hands and he can really just rotate through the shot.

That's why the club face looks a little bit different at the, at this point of the swing. What's really cool about both these guys. They both had different shoulder planes and different face angles, but they had great results. So there's multiple ways to do the golf swing, not just one.



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